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Meditation has become a practice that will very soon according to statistics join the others like prayers and sleep. More and more people are meditating regularly. People have adopted different ways of meditation. Similarly several things are put in consideration when it comes to meditation. Some people emphasize on the sitting position, some on the brain and others on the objects that they use to meditate. Maybe I have raised eye brows by the mention of objects. Yes! Objects. People use different objects when meditating for the reasons that will be discussed in the nest article of this issue, but here are some of these objects used in meditation.


These are made for spiritual intervention. Meditation is believed to be a way of connection between man and God. Concentration is therefore very Is important in meditation. Beads are used to help in concentration. Since you will never know when you get to the end of counting the beads, this will keep you moving.


It is the most popular “accessory” to meditation. Music soothes the mind and makes you relax. Concentration is also enhanced by music.


They are common objects for religious meditation. People who meditate by holding or putting candle next to them have reported that they help them meet God and they feel closer to him after meditation using candles as representation of the power of God.


Some practitioners like meditating while they view themselves on a mirror. This is a way of paying attention to one’s self.


It is in the practice of many to use oil to meditate. This is done by rubbing the oil on the hands. That slow and smoothing process stimulates the senses and makes you to act as in a spiritual spell. This is the ultimate position in which you can get when meditating.

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Meditation is a form of mind relaxation practiced with the aim of easing the mind and health issues such as depression and anxiety. It builds up the internal energy for those whose practice it and develops patience forgiveness and generosity. It induces a mode of consciousness to a person making the individual to realize an indestructible sense of well being. Generally it can be referred to as a form of mental discipline and training as it regulates the mind in some way. Individual meditating generates an emotional state such as anger and hared that enables him to analyze that state. The practice of meditating has been practiced in many places and has different techniques depending on the region.

Religious meditation.

Religious meditation also referred to as spiritual meditation is aimed at developing one spiritually by reflecting on God’s word. An individual meditating spiritually tends to be communicating with his one self focusing on the divine. Prayer and meditation are supposed to strengthen one’s understanding of God and maintain a spiritual communication with God. Therefore an individuals soul is enriched with a desired transformational power by reading God’s words one is able to meditate on it and reflect their actions in regard to the words at the end of the day or the desired period. An individual finds enlightment mentally as meditation is aimed at turning one towards God.

Buddhist meditation

This type of meditation is aimed at developing tranquility, concentration, insight and mindfulness. The practice of Buddhist meditation has been adapted in many countries worldwide as it is thought of as a path towards enlightenment. For the achievement of the desired goals and individual is required to have wise understanding and ethical development. The two together with the meditating prowess bring about the enlightenment required in the process. This brings it to a rightful mind, a rightful view and rightful concentration. The body posture, feelings and metal contents while meditating contribute to the ultimate goal of serenity and insights. The Buddhist meditation is therefore practiced while sitting.

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Meditation in India has been an ancient practice used to provide healing to the body and mind by relying on ones mind. It has been used to achieve inner peace and self awareness. There are meditation practitioners who help people in India by providing them with necessary skills. Its origins are from the Hinduism and Buddhism faith. The common forms of meditation include:

Bhakti Yoga

This is a form of meditation involving love and faith.People undergoing this form of meditation usually wants to develop their love for god through their faith. They have a deep longing to meet God and therefore believe in surrendering. Through Bhakti Yoga there are able to think through this.

Karma Yoga

Through Karma Yoga people who are compassionate at heart and always love to help people by their work will always get stability in the mind. This type of meditation wills always those people with pureness and stability of the mind.

Jnana Yoga

This type of meditation is based on truth and suitable for those those who always need evidence and proofs before believing in anything. People who have a deep urge for understanding always find Jnana Yoga helpful since it relies on truth based factors.

Raja Yoga

The Raja Yoga type of meditation is normally practiced by those who have the witnessing attitude. It involves concentration and awareness and has moral principals to be followed in order to attain success

As we see meditation’s .goal is for the achievement of self realization, peace and purity to ones mind and many center in India have come up to enable people achieve their wants and desires. For this meditation to be successful an individual should be peaceful and happy. It requires determination, being sincere to oneself, and a good relaxed posture for the alertness of the mind.

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Meditation is an old practice that has now been embraced by many people. This increase in the number of people in favor of meditation has been cause by a number of factors most notably changes in lifestyles. It has been said that mediation does not seem to have negative effect of human body, with only its advantages being emphasized. Avoidance of stress and health problems are among the things that make more and more people to meditate.

Although there is this increasing trend of people meditating more and more, we need to ask ourselves this one question. Does meditation have any effect on human body? Here human body is considered to be not only the physical stature but also mental, physical and psychological.

This article gives some effects on human body that have been attributed to meditation.

The Brain

The brain is one of the most important parts of the body, without a brain, it would be almost impossible to have any sense of like, in fact, we would be worse that animals. Meditation mainly involves the brain, particularly relieving the brain of the unnecessary things. When we sleep, the brain is still active. Sleep is the only time that people wrongly assume that they are resting the mind. It is only when mediating when the brain gets to shed off all the things that bother it unnecessarily. It has been scientifically proven that meditation reduces stress.
Stress in one of the major cause of modern disease, which could well be reduced through meditation. Health begins with the brain, when it is at the right frame then you are at the right track of health at least when mental judgment is concerned.

Blood system

There is a very close connection between the brain and the heart that is the central blood system. Blood pressure and breathing have proven to be right in many people who meditate regularly.

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Meditation has become a popular with even medical practitioners and psychologists recommending it as a remedy for most challenges. Our modern world is full of shocking thing that more often than leave our minds with heavy burdens. Insecurity, unemployment, loses in business, family; quarrelsome bosses, exams, unfaithful spouses and money are some of the things that make our brains literally hot. It is at this juncture that meditation becomes of paramount importance. We need to overload our minds with all these burdens if we are not ready to lose our mind. To help you get the best out of your meditation, music has been there for this needful exercise.

Meditation music come in different forms each with its different theme specially composed to serve this purpose. Before getting deeper in this music, it is important to know the importance of this music.

Soothing the Brain

It is typical of mediation music to be smooth, serene and relatively slow. The music is aimed at providing the best environment for easing your mind and to help you focus just on yourself. It is scientifically proven that music has some effect on your brainwaves. The term entertainment technology is used to explain the relaxed stat of mind necessary for meditation that this music brings to your mind.

Spontaneous Healing

Though this is not scientifically proven, meditation is believed to cause some physical healing of the body. This healing is attributed to the other believe that healing of the body is a combination of attitude and faith. The healing of headache and backache are some of these that are believed to be healed through this soothing meditation music.

Peace, Joy and Identity

When you take time to think of yourself and focus on your life, you are in a process s of searching for yourself. Meditation music helps you to do just that. The music enables you to have internal peace which leads to peace and joy.

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