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Meditation refers to any of a family of practices in which practitioners train their minds or self-induce a mode of consciousness to realize benefit.

Meditation is generally an inwardly oriented, personal practice, which individuals can do by themselves. Prayer beads or other ritual objects may be used during meditation. Meditation may involve invoking or cultivating a feeling or internal state, such as compassion, or attending to a specific focal point. The term can refer to the state itself, as well as to practices or techniques employed to cultivate the state.

There are dozens or more specific styles of meditation practice the word meditation may carry different meanings in different contexts. Meditation has been practiced since antiquity as a component of numerous religious traditions.

A 2007 study by the U.S. government found that nearly 9.4% of U.S. adults (over 20 million) had practiced meditation within the past 12 months, up from 7.6% (more than 15 million people) in 2002.

Meditation and yoga retreats are also increasingly popular. Many people travel to another country to take part in a workshop, wellness vacation or meditation training event where they can combine instruction in meditation with a relaxing stay in pleasant surroundings. One can look up for vacation ideas and talk to regarding appropriate coverage for such trips.

Since the 1960s, meditation has been the focus of increasing scientific research of uneven rigor and quality. In over 1,000 published research studies, various methods of meditation have been linked to changes in metabolism, blood pressure, brain activation, and other bodily processes.[ Meditation has been used in clinical settings as a method of stress and pain reduction.

Find out more about how to meditate here, and you may also find the following resource about learning meditation useful.

PostHeaderIcon The Importance of Group Meditation

I have to insist that meditation is personal but not so personal that you cannot share. Sharing in this sense is that you can sit and share not thoughts but other aspects of meditation like the environment, music and other things used in meditation. This means that more than one person can therefore meditate at the same place. This association of people meditating together is called group meditation (GM). A wide majority of people are seeing the need to meditate in groups for some reasons that are indicated below:


People like meditating for various reasons. It is more beneficial to meditate regularly for some minutes. However, it is not always possible or easy to meditate regularly. Time constrains especially when you have a full time job. If this is the case with you, then it would be prudent to try group meditation. Other people in the group will always psych you up to meditate. They might be calling you, reminding you and encouraging you to do so.


Most people who meditate have reported to have had inner strength when they meditate together. Remember that there is a spiritual connection between meditation and religion. Therefore, the warmth that you have when you meditate in a group gives you deep strength.


You will always learn when you do things with others. This is especially so when you do things with those who have experience in whatever you are doing. If you are a beginner in meditation, then group meditation is the best for you. Aim at hanging around with people who are higher in your level. This will give you an opportunity to advance to their level.


The amount of energy that group meditation imparts on people is incredible. This can best be explained through charcoal or coal. When a piece of coal is put separately, it will never retain its warmth. However, if they are so many together, they will definitely keep warm. The same applied to group versus individual meditation.

PostHeaderIcon How To Meditate Effectivelly as a Group

Meditation is an activity or an act that is associated with seriousness, silence or presence of a slow and smooth music. It would then be difficult for some people to see the need for meditating as a group. Group meditation is whereby people get together in the same posture with each meditating privately or one person leads in meditation. However, this might not be the best for some people because a lot of concentration is needed; in addition, people have different reasons for meditation. The following are some ways you can use to get the best out of a group meditation:


It is not only disruptive but also unpleasant to verbalize your words when you meditate. You should aim at maintaining your silence and keeping your thoughts to yourself unless the meditation is led by someone in the group.

Do not sit too close

Your intention is to get the best out of your session. When meditating, you get to the deepest part of you when you have a physical and psychological space. This is achieved when you do not get to discern the existence of the person next to you.

Be Courteous

A wide majority of people who meditate regularly prefer to have shorter sessions of about thirty minutes. However, this time is not limited. Similarly, a session might get too intense that some might need to meditate longer. When you end your session earlier than others, it is respectful to maintain silence and give others tome to end their session. You can do so by quietly sitting at the same spot or quietly walking out.

Be Neat

Some groups that come to meditate together do it in a mat or carpet. You should follow the norms when you others removing their shoes. This helps all of you to respect what you are doing ans to take your sessions seriously.

PostHeaderIcon The Best Place for Meditation

Location is very important in meditation. People even travel to too far lands just to have their best place for meditation. Remember that they need to free their mind, reflect on their lives and issues that matter most to them, think and connect with God. It is practically impossible to do these things in places that are congested, noisy and crowded.

I have mentioned in my previous articles that you need concentration and focus for you to realize effective meditation. What then should you be looking for in a place where you intend to make your sport of meditation? Here is what:

Stick to one spot

You meditate best when you have a permanent place for meditating. Your mind focuses best when you are secure and feel comfortable in a place. So, choose a place, settle and make it as conducive fro meditation as possible:

Quiet place

You realize that this is a great enemy to meditation. You will never get it right if you meditate in a noisy place. Noise does not have to come from external sources, because it can be self imposed. Cell phones are good sources of noisy and disruption. Switch them off.


You can easily be disrupted by bad weather. Rain or intense sun is notorious for this. Look for a place where you are sheltered and free from adverse weather conditions that will disrupt you. Some people have their place of meditation in the house. If this is the case for you, make sure that the room is well ventilated and has enough light.

Accessibility of food and Water

Your place of meditation should be where you are able to get food and water once you need them. This mostly applies to those who append long hour meditating.

PostHeaderIcon How to improve the effectiveness of your meditation

Are you one of those people who have tried meditating but you don’t seem to get much from it? Well, there must be something wrong in that process. Amalgamations of factors contribute to effective meditation and one affect the other. This means that you could be weak in one or several of these things. For example if you use meditate in a quiet but cold place, then you have a miss there.

I have with me some things you must have to make the best of your meditation session.

Allocating time to meditation

Do not let meditation occupy just the free time that you have during the day. If you decide to meditate, then accord this exercise seriousness it deserves. Have it in your schedule like any other activity that you consider important.


Choose an effective place to meditate and stick to this one spot. This relaxes your mind. Some of the best places to meditate include: in the office, at home, under a tree, on a mountain or forest. However, you are not limited to these places. Suitability of a place is left to your discretion.

Set goals

You will achieve minimally when you do not have goals not only in meditation but in most things in life. Search within yourself what you want with yourself and decide. It could be peace or an answer to a very critical question or better yet you could be about to make an important decision. There is a lot that you could be meditating for.

Vary your meditation techniques

There are quite several methods you can use. What works for others can completely be divesting for you. Let no one decide for you because your goals are different from other people.

Choose an appropriate sitting position

How you sit while meditating will affect different things in your meditation.

PostHeaderIcon Ways of Incresing Concentration When Meditating

Concentration is key in meditation just as it is important in all serious things you do in life. The purpose of meditation can only be realized with a relaxed mind and soul that will help in paying attention to yourself. Practitioners of meditation have tried different ways to achieve this concentration. This differs with personal preferences dictated by what works best for you. The ways to achieve this concentration include:

Using ritual objects

The previous article discussed some of the accepted objects used for meditation. However, it is good to note that the choices of these objects solely depend on personal preferences and what works best for you – there is no fixed list. Candle and beads seem to work best for most people because you have to close your eyes in both as opposed to looking at a mirror or a fixed point on the wall where you obviously have to open your eyes and hence prone to disruption.

Paying attention to meditation scripts

Therapists and other concerned parties have come up with Scripts on meditation. These scripts have information about meditation. The information includes techniques of meditation, points of focus and advices on what to do when you meditate. Listening to them can help increase your concentration as you will primarily focus on what they say as you try and do the necessary.

Taking Mental Pictures

I would prefer this method. This is where you relax and think of a very natural and beautiful place. This should be like a paradise where nature seems to enjoy freedom from mankind. Picture yourself is such a place. With such silence that is most likely to be in such a place, you are guaranteed of peace of mind as you meditate.

Looking at an object

Some people make a dot on the wall and focus on it as they meditate.

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