I have to insist that meditation is personal but not so personal that you cannot share. Sharing in this sense is that you can sit and share not thoughts but other aspects of meditation like the environment, music and other things used in meditation. This means that more than one person can therefore meditate at the same place. This association of people meditating together is called group meditation (GM). A wide majority of people are seeing the need to meditate in groups for some reasons that are indicated below:


People like meditating for various reasons. It is more beneficial to meditate regularly for some minutes. However, it is not always possible or easy to meditate regularly. Time constrains especially when you have a full time job. If this is the case with you, then it would be prudent to try group meditation. Other people in the group will always psych you up to meditate. They might be calling you, reminding you and encouraging you to do so.


Most people who meditate have reported to have had inner strength when they meditate together. Remember that there is a spiritual connection between meditation and religion. Therefore, the warmth that you have when you meditate in a group gives you deep strength.


You will always learn when you do things with others. This is especially so when you do things with those who have experience in whatever you are doing. If you are a beginner in meditation, then group meditation is the best for you. Aim at hanging around with people who are higher in your level. This will give you an opportunity to advance to their level.


The amount of energy that group meditation imparts on people is incredible. This can best be explained through charcoal or coal. When a piece of coal is put separately, it will never retain its warmth. However, if they are so many together, they will definitely keep warm. The same applied to group versus individual meditation.