Meditation is an activity or an act that is associated with seriousness, silence or presence of a slow and smooth music. It would then be difficult for some people to see the need for meditating as a group. Group meditation is whereby people get together in the same posture with each meditating privately or one person leads in meditation. However, this might not be the best for some people because a lot of concentration is needed; in addition, people have different reasons for meditation. The following are some ways you can use to get the best out of a group meditation:


It is not only disruptive but also unpleasant to verbalize your words when you meditate. You should aim at maintaining your silence and keeping your thoughts to yourself unless the meditation is led by someone in the group.

Do not sit too close

Your intention is to get the best out of your session. When meditating, you get to the deepest part of you when you have a physical and psychological space. This is achieved when you do not get to discern the existence of the person next to you.

Be Courteous

A wide majority of people who meditate regularly prefer to have shorter sessions of about thirty minutes. However, this time is not limited. Similarly, a session might get too intense that some might need to meditate longer. When you end your session earlier than others, it is respectful to maintain silence and give others tome to end their session. You can do so by quietly sitting at the same spot or quietly walking out.

Be Neat

Some groups that come to meditate together do it in a mat or carpet. You should follow the norms when you others removing their shoes. This helps all of you to respect what you are doing ans to take your sessions seriously.