Location is very important in meditation. People even travel to too far lands just to have their best place for meditation. Remember that they need to free their mind, reflect on their lives and issues that matter most to them, think and connect with God. It is practically impossible to do these things in places that are congested, noisy and crowded.

I have mentioned in my previous articles that you need concentration and focus for you to realize effective meditation. What then should you be looking for in a place where you intend to make your sport of meditation? Here is what:

Stick to one spot

You meditate best when you have a permanent place for meditating. Your mind focuses best when you are secure and feel comfortable in a place. So, choose a place, settle and make it as conducive fro meditation as possible:

Quiet place

You realize that this is a great enemy to meditation. You will never get it right if you meditate in a noisy place. Noise does not have to come from external sources, because it can be self imposed. Cell phones are good sources of noisy and disruption. Switch them off.


You can easily be disrupted by bad weather. Rain or intense sun is notorious for this. Look for a place where you are sheltered and free from adverse weather conditions that will disrupt you. Some people have their place of meditation in the house. If this is the case for you, make sure that the room is well ventilated and has enough light.

Accessibility of food and Water

Your place of meditation should be where you are able to get food and water once you need them. This mostly applies to those who append long hour meditating.