Are you one of those people who have tried meditating but you don’t seem to get much from it? Well, there must be something wrong in that process. Amalgamations of factors contribute to effective meditation and one affect the other. This means that you could be weak in one or several of these things. For example if you use meditate in a quiet but cold place, then you have a miss there.

I have with me some things you must have to make the best of your meditation session.

Allocating time to meditation

Do not let meditation occupy just the free time that you have during the day. If you decide to meditate, then accord this exercise seriousness it deserves. Have it in your schedule like any other activity that you consider important.


Choose an effective place to meditate and stick to this one spot. This relaxes your mind. Some of the best places to meditate include: in the office, at home, under a tree, on a mountain or forest. However, you are not limited to these places. Suitability of a place is left to your discretion.

Set goals

You will achieve minimally when you do not have goals not only in meditation but in most things in life. Search within yourself what you want with yourself and decide. It could be peace or an answer to a very critical question or better yet you could be about to make an important decision. There is a lot that you could be meditating for.

Vary your meditation techniques

There are quite several methods you can use. What works for others can completely be divesting for you. Let no one decide for you because your goals are different from other people.

Choose an appropriate sitting position

How you sit while meditating will affect different things in your meditation.