Meditation has become a practice that will very soon according to statistics join the others like prayers and sleep. More and more people are meditating regularly. People have adopted different ways of meditation. Similarly several things are put in consideration when it comes to meditation. Some people emphasize on the sitting position, some on the brain and others on the objects that they use to meditate. Maybe I have raised eye brows by the mention of objects. Yes! Objects. People use different objects when meditating for the reasons that will be discussed in the nest article of this issue, but here are some of these objects used in meditation.


These are made for spiritual intervention. Meditation is believed to be a way of connection between man and God. Concentration is therefore very Is important in meditation. Beads are used to help in concentration. Since you will never know when you get to the end of counting the beads, this will keep you moving.


It is the most popular “accessory” to meditation. Music soothes the mind and makes you relax. Concentration is also enhanced by music.


They are common objects for religious meditation. People who meditate by holding or putting candle next to them have reported that they help them meet God and they feel closer to him after meditation using candles as representation of the power of God.


Some practitioners like meditating while they view themselves on a mirror. This is a way of paying attention to one’s self.


It is in the practice of many to use oil to meditate. This is done by rubbing the oil on the hands. That slow and smoothing process stimulates the senses and makes you to act as in a spiritual spell. This is the ultimate position in which you can get when meditating.