Meditation is a form of mind relaxation practiced with the aim of easing the mind and health issues such as depression and anxiety. It builds up the internal energy for those whose practice it and develops patience forgiveness and generosity. It induces a mode of consciousness to a person making the individual to realize an indestructible sense of well being. Generally it can be referred to as a form of mental discipline and training as it regulates the mind in some way. Individual meditating generates an emotional state such as anger and hared that enables him to analyze that state. The practice of meditating has been practiced in many places and has different techniques depending on the region.

Religious meditation.

Religious meditation also referred to as spiritual meditation is aimed at developing one spiritually by reflecting on God’s word. An individual meditating spiritually tends to be communicating with his one self focusing on the divine. Prayer and meditation are supposed to strengthen one’s understanding of God and maintain a spiritual communication with God. Therefore an individuals soul is enriched with a desired transformational power by reading God’s words one is able to meditate on it and reflect their actions in regard to the words at the end of the day or the desired period. An individual finds enlightment mentally as meditation is aimed at turning one towards God.

Buddhist meditation

This type of meditation is aimed at developing tranquility, concentration, insight and mindfulness. The practice of Buddhist meditation has been adapted in many countries worldwide as it is thought of as a path towards enlightenment. For the achievement of the desired goals and individual is required to have wise understanding and ethical development. The two together with the meditating prowess bring about the enlightenment required in the process. This brings it to a rightful mind, a rightful view and rightful concentration. The body posture, feelings and metal contents while meditating contribute to the ultimate goal of serenity and insights. The Buddhist meditation is therefore practiced while sitting.