Meditation in India has been an ancient practice used to provide healing to the body and mind by relying on ones mind. It has been used to achieve inner peace and self awareness. There are meditation practitioners who help people in India by providing them with necessary skills. Its origins are from the Hinduism and Buddhism faith. The common forms of meditation include:

Bhakti Yoga

This is a form of meditation involving love and faith.People undergoing this form of meditation usually wants to develop their love for god through their faith. They have a deep longing to meet God and therefore believe in surrendering. Through Bhakti Yoga there are able to think through this.

Karma Yoga

Through Karma Yoga people who are compassionate at heart and always love to help people by their work will always get stability in the mind. This type of meditation wills always those people with pureness and stability of the mind.

Jnana Yoga

This type of meditation is based on truth and suitable for those those who always need evidence and proofs before believing in anything. People who have a deep urge for understanding always find Jnana Yoga helpful since it relies on truth based factors.

Raja Yoga

The Raja Yoga type of meditation is normally practiced by those who have the witnessing attitude. It involves concentration and awareness and has moral principals to be followed in order to attain success

As we see meditation’s .goal is for the achievement of self realization, peace and purity to ones mind and many center in India have come up to enable people achieve their wants and desires. For this meditation to be successful an individual should be peaceful and happy. It requires determination, being sincere to oneself, and a good relaxed posture for the alertness of the mind.