Meditation is an old practice that has now been embraced by many people. This increase in the number of people in favor of meditation has been cause by a number of factors most notably changes in lifestyles. It has been said that mediation does not seem to have negative effect of human body, with only its advantages being emphasized. Avoidance of stress and health problems are among the things that make more and more people to meditate.

Although there is this increasing trend of people meditating more and more, we need to ask ourselves this one question. Does meditation have any effect on human body? Here human body is considered to be not only the physical stature but also mental, physical and psychological.

This article gives some effects on human body that have been attributed to meditation.

The Brain

The brain is one of the most important parts of the body, without a brain, it would be almost impossible to have any sense of like, in fact, we would be worse that animals. Meditation mainly involves the brain, particularly relieving the brain of the unnecessary things. When we sleep, the brain is still active. Sleep is the only time that people wrongly assume that they are resting the mind. It is only when mediating when the brain gets to shed off all the things that bother it unnecessarily. It has been scientifically proven that meditation reduces stress.
Stress in one of the major cause of modern disease, which could well be reduced through meditation. Health begins with the brain, when it is at the right frame then you are at the right track of health at least when mental judgment is concerned.

Blood system

There is a very close connection between the brain and the heart that is the central blood system. Blood pressure and breathing have proven to be right in many people who meditate regularly.